Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whittington & Creedmoor

We missed Boomershoot this year. It's a really long drive and we did it straight through last year. New Mexico to Idaho is about 1,000 miles flat and the Old Man can't sleep in a moving vehicle.

As such, we missed vacation this year. In lieu of that, we've scheduled 3 days at Whittington. Ironically, this incredible site is a mere 2 1/2 hours away from where I live and I've never spent the effort to go there.

We're doing a customized class, instructed by this gentleman. We're doing three days (the Old Man, my brother, and me.) First two will be a practical pistol course and the the third is "long range precision target shooting", or something else I might call it.

Given the occasion, and what I learned at Boomershoot last year, we realized that the spotting scope stand we are currently using is largely useless in the Southwest.

Thus, I actually forked out some cash and got a Creedmoor stand (ala, the God Scope, for those who know.)

Whittington reports should follow regularly, as I seem to be out my, what Porta's Cat calls, "I don't want to blog, so kiss my ass." phase I seemed to be going through.

I missed you guys this year at Boomershoot. I worried that I messed up somehow and offended you or something. If it's just the 1000 mile drive that's keeping you away you should consider flying.

Oh, that's right, never mind...


Have fun at Whittington. I'm looking forward to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. It will the first long range precision rifle shooting I have done in years!


It was by no means any offense on your part that prevented the trek this last spring. We were hoping to bring my brother, but then seemed to fuck around for too long.

I hope to see you next spring.

Additionally, please note that I am referring to it as "long range precision target shooting" instead of the phrase I've always found more accurate, but pisses people off or makes them piss themselves.

All the best,

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