Sunday, August 26, 2007

.45 Bullet Shortage

There seems to be an extreme shortage of .45 bullet availability. Midway has zero FMJ bullets. Every other outlet I've checked is out as well. One can't blame this on the war or law enforcement, as that seems to be entirely 9mm.

So where the fuck is all this .45 going?

It's not FMJ, but I think they have bullets in .45 available. Prices are going up, a bunch, and soon...

They may well have them in stock, but are waiting for the manfacturer's price increases to take effect on September 1, then jack up the prices of what they have on hand using that as an excuse.

Of course, it may also be they are simply out of stock caused by many people who have been buying the ammo to stockpile before the anticipated price increases of September 1.

Hope you find some soon.

All the best,
Glenn B
Time to start casting your own.
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