Tuesday, June 12, 2007

CMP M-1 Carbines

My carbine came in Monday and the Old Man's showed up yesterday (Tuesday.) There were were marked differences between the two Inlands and the one my old man scored a few years ago.

These were the deliveries. The top one is the Old Man's and the lower one is mine. His barrel seems to have more rifling evident and his receiver is tighter in its stock than mine is. His furniture was in a bit shittier state than mine was. The Italians actually varnish rifle stocks. So much for the whole Italian craftmanship thing.

We checked both muzzles with .30 carbine rounds and both seemed to check out. As many dinks and shit on the stocks, the muzzles appear to be well taken care of.

The stocks come without the oilers (what I would call a sling detente) or slings.

I think the Old Man is thinking about doing extensive furniture work on these guns, i.e. sanding this wood down to grain and building the oil finish back up from there.

Regardless, our order was in to CMP the second day they were accepting orders. They sold out of rifles about 18 days later. This was only the sale of Infields (of which 40% of WWII carbines were manufactured by.) Later in the year they plan on releasing Saginaws, IBMs, Rockolas, etc. Given the price and time frame that the Inlands were dispensed with, if anyone wants a shot at the lesser manufacturers, get your checks ready and make sure your CMP status is up to date.

You say the one has more rifling evident; it may be that the one was counterbored, commonly done to remove rifling at the muzzle damaged by careless cleaning. If that's it, long as it was done correctly it should still shoot just fine.
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