Wednesday, May 30, 2007

S&W Troubles

As promised, we made it out to the range last week. I only brought 1911s. It was a good day and we got some work done as far as sighting.

The Smith (aka S&W SW1911PD) started locking the slide after every shot. The old man shot in without a hitch. The conclusion was that I like touching guys butts and that I was riding the frame with the slide, i.e. making me a likely John Edwards voter.

As I sat down to clean the gun on Friday night, some shit popped off. The staked plunger tube had shorn off of the frame. The reason it worked for the old man is because he doesn't shoot with his thumb on the safety. I however, apply pressure which apparently locks the slide back once your plunger tube is no longer a part on your gun.

Needless to say, it is a new gun and I don't want to screw around with it, as much shit as I have on my plate. I contacted S&W and they sent me a UPS label. Vague on time, but I'm reserving judgment.

It is still a beautiful gun and I want it back as quick as possible. I use this as my back-up carry gun and I don't like it being out of the house or not on my persons.

Will report back on the S&W treatment.

When my wife sent her S&W 22S for some work, they had a two day turn around...only problem was when UPS lost the package.
Sorry to read about your misfortune with the S&W semi-auto. This could be a good heads up for you though. S&W, in my opinion, has made some really crappy semi-autos over the years. It seems they cannot get quality control to be consistent.

All the best,
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