Wednesday, May 09, 2007

S&W Model 25-2

The April Buy a Gun Month was still in full force up until the 30th. The most recent handgun purchase was a 70's production (verified by serial number) with a claw hammer and chambered in .45 ACP.

Tomorrow is range day and we will be giving this guy a shot. The Old Man scored hollow-points and moon clips. VTech had a bit of an effect on the old guy. This is the official office gun.

As always, it's got the nice thumb rest for you right-handers. I anticipate the recoil to be less than a 1911, given the size of the frame.

Given that the 1911 is no lightweight and that some of the impulse is used to cycle the slide, I'd be interested in knowing how the recoil actually engineering instincts tell me the 1911 ought to have less perceived recoil.
Doug in Colorado
Nice to see a dedicated "office gun." More offices need those....
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