Saturday, April 14, 2007

BAG Day Gun

This year the BAG day gun was a bit of an impulse buy by the Old Man. Several weeks ago, he noticed that S&W was doing a limited run of Model 29 .44 Magnums, in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the gun. The actual cartridge dates a few years before '57.

Several Sundays ago he showed me a couple of these for sale on GunBroker. I responded that if he had the cash, fuck it. He replied that it would take some "financial rearrangement" before he could seriously consider it. The following Monday it was ordered by 8:30 AM, we received confirmation, and received the shipping information. Actual shipping took place on Tuesday. Our kitchentop FFL (who live two blocks away from us) called on Thursday and we were in receipt of the gun by 5:00 PM the same day.

As it is the 50th anniversary edition, it came with the nice presentation box. S&W does not officially recognize the debt they owe to the Dirty Harry movies in popularizing this pistol. Indeed, this was a great motivator for the Old Man to purchase on of these. I took the position that, if you were buying this gun in homage to Harry Callahan, it would border on apostasy to purchase a model that wasn't blued. Alas, the Old Man's love of stainless won out over the purist argument.

Of course, the moment we were in posession, Mother Nature decided that winter wasn't quite
over with, and proceeded with rain, snow, and 50 mph wind gusts. To date, the gun has not been shot. This situation will be rectified at the earliest possible date.
BTW, it seems that this year, Cowboy Blob is the general host of bag day affairs. Hit the link and check out other people's scores. I would also bet that Blob would post non-blogger pics if you'd send them to him.
To all of you who didn't buy a gun: do it soon. I like BAG day in theory, but money and desire do not always align with actual dates. Any day is a good day to buy a gun, even if you have to mortgage yourself to do it as I have done on several occasions.


The 50th model is blued, has a 24kt gold inlaid SW logo, and special hammer and squared grip frame. You might check into your purchase. It appears that the depicted weapon is not an anniversary collector. Sorry.
Best wishes,

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