Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Range Report and Weeklong signoff

Made it out to the range last Thursday. Overall I was very pleased with the S&W 1911. I had several failure to extracts, which is what I was afraid of. On the other hand, the gun is the tightest I've seen as far as an out of the box 1911. I think further shooting should vindicate the gun, but I still have my hesitations about a pinned extractor.

As to the Taurus Thunderbolt, that was a resounding success. The first time we took it out, the Old Man's .45 Colt reloads were taking as many as 3 hits to fire. That lot was loaded with the Large Pistol/Magnum Winchester primers. Loaded a batch with CCI's in the mean time and there didn't seem to be a problem.

Other than that, we are shipping out in the morning for a weekend hiatus in a small town in Texas. There's a WWII memorabilia swap meet, a full fucking re-enactment of a battle (3 hr.s), and there is a national gun show in a neighboring town.

We'll be back on Tuesday and post pics and links.

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