Sunday, March 04, 2007

Extractor fitting

The 1911 build actually had its first bit of progress this weekend. The extractor I've been trying to fit for 3 months finally went in. As I quickly dispatched it to the Old Man, I have no pictures. However, I have learned some lessons.

Needless to say, this took a lot longer than it should have. It's a fucking extractor for crying out loud. I sanded away at it, weekend after weekend, to no avail. This is what I learned.

-Use a Sharpie and darken all of the contact points on the part. Ram that motherfucker in until you have positive points of friction. Rub there and nowhere else. Rinse, repeat.

-Emory cloth gets tired quick. If you are rubbing a part with worn out paper, you are wasting your time. The shit's cheap so use it while you are actually taking metal off and then discard it. I found myself using month-old cloth for hours on end. It doesn't do any good.

I screwed around with this part for months and finally watched a video. Within 48 hours I had it done.

Next up, I'm fitting the trigger and the Old Man is dinking the slide parts to fit. To the best of my knowledge, I should be done with slide work.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post on actual progress with this project on a more regular basis.

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