Sunday, February 25, 2007

Range Report (w/ new gun)

We made it out to the range last Thursday. It's been weird with the snow lately, because any moisture causes the range to fall apart. The berms and roads fall apart; the truck has a hard time; you end up tracking mud back to the office, etc.

We got out and the range was fuller than I've ever seen it. 2 practice ranges, 3 action pistol ranges, and 2 rifle ranges were damn near full. We ended up settling at the short rifle range (200 yards) as we were trying out the Old Man's new Taurus Thunderbolt in .45 Colt.

It's a bit of a weird gun, in that it fires a pistol round, is a pump action, and has a 26" barrel. From the limited practice we had, it's a solid shooter. I wanted to do some more close range shit but we were stuck with 200 yards.

I shot 1911s and ARs. I'm the unimaginative one. One of my 1911's was failing to reset the trigger. The other one did fine.

I melted a case strap on the barrel of my AR carbine a couple of months ago. I came up with myriad solutions to the problem but ended up adopting the Old Man's remedy. He said to shoot it until it's as hot or hotter than it was when the strap melted and just wipe it off. That's what I did.

I know of several of these that have a big gas breech problem with std velocity ammo and they ruin +P Corbon brass, but at least the mangling of the higher pressure loads seals the breech so you don't get a face full of blast. I know of two others, all from the same dealer that have had the same issue. One I know has been back 2x before this last time.

If I had to hazard a guess, it'd be that the CNC machine either didn't change heads, the heads were out of position on the block or the programming was wrong when it went from boring the chamber to cutting the feed ramp.

No matter what, as I write this, mine has been gone for over 2 months, I've called for an update and gotten the run around. I am also sitting on hold now for over 30 minutes waiting to get an answer as to what, when or how they are going to remedy this issue.

I'm posting this to warn others of the issue. It was a pretty gun, but if it's going to sit in FL forever, what good is it? I think you might be able to feel a groove around the top of the chamber if you feel for it. Not sure you wouldn't have to use a tool of some sort to get that far in, been so long since I've seen the gun I don't remember...
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