Sunday, February 25, 2007

Offered without comment (non-gun post)

My girlfriend wanted me to find the Tampax website. I didn't ask why. There might be a Zumbo of the menstruation world or something.

I found the site and one of the options was "Ask Iris." So I did.

This is what I found.

Dear Iris,Hi. My daughter wants to use tampons, but I'm afraid that it will
take away her virginity. I have heard that if you use tampons long enough and if
you do the splits and active stuff like that then you can lose your virginity.
Is this all true and should I let my daughter use tampons?Thanks,Wondering

Dear Wondering,Virginity has to do with sexual relations...not using
tampons or doing splits. Many young girls start using tampons early on because
they are swimmers or athletes. The hymen, which partially covers and protects
the opening to the vagina is so fragile that it is stretched or torn during many
activities. I see no reason why your daughter couldn't use a tampon if she can
read and understand the instructions for insertion and safe use. The decision is
yours and hers.Iris

Maybe we should die out as a species.

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