Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No Zumbo, and no pictures

I have to say, I am not often critical of the gun blogs as a whole. But I have to hand it to just about everybody on my blogroll; stop freaking out.

Zumbo is an old school hunter who probably thinks the .30-06 is the finest cartridge ever made (I'd tend to agree with him.) The guy made one asshole comment about "terrorist guns" from some varmint camp at 3:30 in the morning.

The guy is fat and old. He probably thinks the M-16 is a shitty rifle and that .223 is for plinking cans with your 8-year old son. He's never seen a pimped out AR varmint rig. He's ignorant and because of his ignorance he said something dumb.

Then you assholes bear down. I've never even heard of Outdoor Life magazine, but from the sounds of it, I'm the only prick in the Western Hemisphere who a) never had a subscription and b) isn't canceling that subscription as we speak.

There will always be divisions in the pro-2A camp. Dumbass doesn't understand you so you compare him to Brady. I read the whole comment thread following that post and not a single fucker had anything positive to say. If "Tactical Tommys" want "Elmer Fudds", or whatever the favored nomenclature is, to agree with them, then stop shitting on one another.

And more than that, it's boring reading 25 blogs bitching about some fat hunting correspondent I've never heard of. Do a fucking range report, you lazy fucks.

UPDATE: Carnaby didn't smell blood either. Anybody else I falsely impugned, let me know. Otherwise keep posting on the Remington statement and all of the other sponsorships you lot cost the poor old retard.

UPDATE II: Apologies to Carnaby's mom, as my language was a little caustic and scatalogical. No offense was intended.

Hear hear!
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