Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In New Mexico, these jerk-offs get together every two years for sixty days and try to solve "problems." While Albuquerque has banned cell phones while driving, the state is working on COCKFIGHTING. Yes, that is the august issue in this session and I'm deeply concerned about its outcome.

Otherwise, our gun lobbyists are really old men. One of them is my kitchen table FFL; another was my CCW instructor; and another is some guy I met in the course of business. These old guys drive up to Santa Fe every morning (call it an hour and a half commute) and then hang out until they get done what they deem necessary. If I'm that dedicated when I hit 70, I'll be thankful to be able to help.

There are two gun bills that have been introduced and pushed this session. The first one concerns carrying in a package liquor store. The way NM works, you can't carry (loaded) if there is a drop of alcohol in your blood. When they initially passed the CCW law, it contained language that bars you from carrying in a restaraunt or bar that serves liquor and also bars you from carrying in package stores. Therefore, as the law stands, you can't carry in a grocery store. Apparently the package-carry repeal stands a good chance of passing.

That doesn't concern me as much as what has happened with the second issue.

Castle Doctrine laws have passed in several states. A Florida-style Castle law has been introduced, but appears to be doomed. For those of you who aren't familiar, Castle Doctrine basically states that if you shoot a person in your home, the preponderance of innocence falls on you. Florida has passed the most comprehensive one (and blood has run in the street.)

This bill is stalled and faces little chance of passing. As DUI paranoid as this state is, I thought the booze thing had a better chance of dying. I mentioned this to my father and he cleared it up for me. Under Florida-style Castle, the fucking trial lawyers lose. Half of legislators are what?

The main asshole holding this up is a lawyer I ran into when he was in private practice. He was a shitty lawyer (he was on my side.) Now he's a shitty representative. He's killing the Castle bill.

If you feel like wishing him well, his name is Al Parks. The NRA lists his email as such:


I'm also posting a test picture of an XD that really has nothing to do with anything.

You can never go wrong posting gun pic's.......

..... Mr. C.
You can also never go wrong by mailing Kirk his brass back so he can reload for boomershoot...

At least you live in a state where they are not contemplating a AWB and more...

I will write of the People's republic of Maryland just like Geek with a .45 wrote of NJ...
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