Sunday, February 04, 2007

1911 Build Update 2/4

As recently stated, this project is going to last a good while longer than I anticipated and involve a little more cash than I was initially willing to commit.

In light of that, I continue to paper down the extractor to fit the frame. It still doesn't fit.

Today, me and the Old Man got the barrel link attached to the barrel. I've been screwing around with this for weeks. Sarco advertised that this frame was tight from the assembly line and the pin holes, especially, may need some work.

When we ordered the frame, I thought it was merely a stripped slide and lower frame. It ended up coming with a barrel. If the project works out, I might replace the barrel and trigger at a later date, but for now we were fucking with the Rock Island barrel and standard Brownells barrel link and pin.

I pounded on the barrel link for ever and got nowhere. I freezed the pin to contract it; oiled shit to where you could drive a Mack truck through it and it was all for naught.

We finally took a drill bit to it today. Fucking around, we figured it needed a 9/64 or 5/32 bit to rout out the hole. We're Americans and we think in terms of standard measurements, not metric. Doesn't matter anyway.

Turns out, we needed something closer to a 19/128 bit. My Old Man is an experienced mechanic and wood-worker and didn't even think this bit existed. Google changed that. Turns out, there are bits that match wire gauges and have number designations. There are also bits with letter designations, but I don't know what the fuck that is for.

Pulled up a table, and the barrel link hole matched up with a wire gauge bit. Ordered this set off of Midway and I'm hoping that will cover it.

Two questions: Can anybody explain the pin diameter standards?

Additionally, I was going to post a nifty picture with this post, but Picasa/Hello, or whatever the hell it is, died. Good photo posting freeware?

I tried Picasa a long time ago and didn't like it. The picture posting in Blogger itself seems to work fine, it's free, and that's all I use. If you have any questions hit me with an email and I'll be glad to help.
b l o g (at) whidbey (dot) com

Mr. C.
Try Flikr for the photos...
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