Sunday, January 21, 2007

Response from Customs

In the post before last I noticed a US Customs employee cruising this blog for "trigger jobs" at 8:30 AM on a business day. I posted the log notes, but didn't mention that I hit their complaint site.

Here was the complaint:

Dear Sir or Madam,I noticed that I had a hit on a blog about firearms from
your New Jersey office. The hit was at 8:37 in the morning and originated from
the IP address 63.167.255.#.Seeing as you can't seem to do your job and are paid
with my tax money, what the hell are you doing searching Google on "trigger
jobs?"Best regards,

I included my name and phone number, as well. Much to my surprise, they actually responded:

We can not explain our enforcement activity, however there are many reasons why an officer, agent or employee may want to google (anything).We use any means necessary to determine what things are to assess the correct duty, to make sure that they are legal to enter the United States, to even decide on how to classify an object. We do this to protect the American Public. Thank you for your comment, but we have our own security office to make sure our employees do not abuse the luxury of having the Internet available to them.Thank you for contacting Customs and Border Protection's Customer Service Center. If you have any other questions or would like clarification on this response, please feel free to contact us either by calling our toll free number 877 CBP-5511 (227-5511) or if calling from outside the United States our toll number 202-354-1000 and ask for me. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm Eastern Time.

I'll translate for you: "Dear Citizen, Fuck you. We don't have to be held accountable to the people we serve and who pay us. If we want to uselessly fuck around on the internet while at work, we only have to answer to a bereaucrat, unlike you pusillanimous shits in the private sector who have actual bosses and criteria."

Its possibel "tigger job" was inlcuded an the manifest of a rifle being imported and the customs guy wanted to get an idea what the value of that was.

Or, he could be fucking around on Al Gore's internet.

I know which option I think it was, and have only this to say.

Better he be a gun nut cruising the internet for info on conducting his own trigger job than be the usual beauracrat and seeking to take your guns away
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