Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Safety I always think is one of those things that can be strived for, but never perfected. I'm a safety pain in the ass (just ask the old man) and harp on people constantly about their perceived breaches of the safety code.

It being New Year's, I decided to look inward and solve some of the problems I have. If you refer to the picture, which is an average picture of my desktop, you will notice that there are .45 and .308 snap-caps sitting around with live .45 and .223.

My office is my "dry-fire" room and should be absent of any live ammunition, nevermind having the shit lying next to practice caps.

For all the harping about safety, this is an issue I badly need to cure before I put one in the wall. Keep live ammo out of your dry-fire area.

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Good point.

When I took the class to become an NRA safety instructor, one of the first rules they taught us was to never have live ammo in the training area.
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