Friday, January 05, 2007

"Grim Milestones"

When a nation wages war, it incurs casualties. It's tragic and it's horrific for those families, but I have never ever heard the government say that war was cake or casualty free.

Christmas weekend I had the dumb-ass story about how Iraq casualties had surpassed the body-count on 9/11. What those numbers have to do with one another is completely beyond me. It's a terrorist attack and a war; so what the fuck does any of the media's reporting mean?

Then, last weekend, we had another "grim milestone" because casualties surpassed 3,000.

If the nation was in this condition 70 years ago, I'd be speaking German.

Wars are nasty, ugly things. People die, things get blown up. It isn't pretty, nor should it be.

People in this country have to realize that. And have the stomach to see the fight through all the way to a victory. Nobody's going to give away any feel-good medals to the country that comes in second place in a war.

So we're in it to win, or not in it at all. We as a country seemed to understand that in WWII. We seem to have forgotten it nowadays.

Maybe when we wake up and realize that our country, our ideals, very freedom is under attack, we'll get somewhat serious about fighting to win.

I hate to be negative Kyle, but I think America is wide awake: the problem is that we, as a nation, are nothing but a bunch of soft cowards who would sooner cower under the coffee table than defend ourselves. If you read this blog, YOU would probably act differently, but not so, the average surburban American, I am afraid.
If the nation was in this condition 70 years ago, I'd be speaking German.

That ain't no sh#t.

Well said; short and to the point.
we lose more than that daily to the abortion mills
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