Sunday, January 14, 2007

Concealed Carry Class Canard

Several people have linked to this story about a responsible, Buddhist liberal who attended a CCW class in that awful state of Kentucky. I believe Kevin at Smallest Minority was where I first read about it.

This article fascinated me because it was almost the mirror image of my experience getting a CCW.

The gentleman who wrote this article seemed to be convinced that most attendees were blue-collar reactionaries who had maybe achieved a 6th grade education. They were overwhelmingly economically challenged and had no understanding of the rational tenets of democratic government. There were also a couple missing teeth jokes (the author is, undoubtedly, an intellectual.)

My experience was the opposite. Out of a class of 10 or 12, we had 1 minority in attendance. All attendants were in white-collar jobs. Most had spent more money on the guns they brought than most hillbillies spend on groceries in a year. They were probably half liberal and all drove better vehicles than me. And they all thought the government was dandy and that the CCW law was great. Obviously, given the burden of time and money that a CCW entails, well-off white people would be happy that they are the only ones that can afford to get it. They all sucked too.

My CCW qualification was probably the closest I've ever come to being shot. All these assholes with their expensive guns and they hadn't even racked them dry. One guy claimed to have a .45 Magnum revolver. The instructor looked at it and, of course, it wasn't (I don't remember what the hell it was.) I was muzzle swept and subjected to hours of the most idiotic questions I've ever heard ("Why can't you shoot a .22 LR out of a .223?")

In conclusion, I think the author of the linked article is full of shit. It is an expensive hobby to shoot nowadays. Poor people can't fork out $850 for a SIG Pwhatever. And if those hilljacks with no teeth wouldn't point their shit at me, I'd rather shoot with them any day than some spoiled liberal shit who's getting a CCW just so he can make fun of people he doesn't understand.

Go get another tattoo, asshead.

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