Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yet another Cheesedick modification

On top of the other shit, I took a shot at installing a Wilson front strap this weekend.

First attempt was pathetic. the strap was installed to impinge on the magazine well, nigh well making the gun useless.

Once I realized the problem, I reinstalled it with a conscious consideration of the magazine well that is directly behind the grip panels/assembly.

We'll see if this helps or if it is a permanent installation, in that it looks a little sketchy to me. Find truth in the field.

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Yea that is one piece of kit that I never liked.... It is like wrapping your hand around a cheese grater...

Get a nice set of those laser cut canvas composite grips that Tam was talking about... Much nicer and very grippy.
Personally, I really like my Hogue wraparound finger groove grips; but they aren't for everybody.

I don't really care for frontstrap serration or checkering; it tends ot abrade the hand, and doesnt fill my grip as well.
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