Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sight Paint

Took my first venture into sight painting tonight. The first victim was the H&K USP, which is probably stupid in that that is the pistol that cost me the most.

Regardless, I scored a kit from Brownell's. This pistol is not generally considered defense in my household. Therefore, I wanted a nice contrast between the rear dots and the front sight.

We'll see if the shit falls off in 24 hours.

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I've been thinking of giving this stuff a try because I'm too cheap to put on real low-light sites. Is it worth the money, or should I suck it up and buy the real deal?

My motivation was similiar. To date, I've been happy. I also own a CZ-PO1 that has "night sight" paint on the irons. No complaints.

I just can't see paying $150+ for a new set of sights. Will report more from the field.

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