Friday, December 08, 2006

Eye Protection

An EOD guy I know came by the office this afternoon. He was a little shaken up, as a Steyr/AUG had blown up in his hands about 3 hours earlier.

He was a little rattled and I think his wrist was fucked up. He said that the forward grip messed him up more than any of the rear equipment.

Apparently some kind of investigation is going to take place on Monday. Of course, we idly speculated about what could cause a blow-up in a new Steyr. My bet (them being full auto) is that it was a squib. Semi-auto it is relatively easy to sound out a squip; especially if there is no plume of dust anywhere near the target. Full auto is a different matter, to which I am not qualified to speak about (but I will.) It seems to me that if the rate of fire is that high, you will never have any idea if you have a squib. Additionally, you might send 3 more rounds down the tube before the initial pressure causes it to explode.

In any case, he looked rattled and got more tired with every minute of conversation.

The point of this post is that the fucker would have been blind by this time if not for the right eye protection. It was a parade range day with brass, so instead of his Oakleys, he wore standard ANSI rated shooting glasses.

I'm buying some goggles. In addition to the normal crap, I'm left-handed. I have to deal with blowback, gas release, and ejection fucking with my sight picture. The last thing I need is a piece of crafted aircraft-grade aluminum sticking out of my fucking eyes.

Keep in mind, these were brand spanking new and my picture doesn't show the depth of the route on the right eye lens.

Use eye protection.

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