Sunday, December 31, 2006

1911 Build Update

Nothing to report.

We fucked up one extractor and had to buy a bit to get it the fuck out. I can't seem to fit a trigger or a barrel bushing. I installed a magazine catch that seemed to work fine, but that's not going to win me any prizes.

This project has cost more money than I originally thought, but I also think I will learn more than I first anticipated. Making a gun is not just assembling a bunch of parts. All of them have to be fitted to exacting tolerances. I've stopped believing in a "drop in" part; they don't exist and if they do, there is probably something wrong with it.

Outside of the frame, I've spent probably $400 (most of which was on tools), and the shit looks the same as when I first photographed it.

I'll hopefully have a progress report soon that...well...actually reports some progress.

Mean time, I hope your Christmas was good and Sadaam is dead, so somebody is looking out.

Holy Shit!!! You must be a relative! Mine is stil in pieces and I've drove myself nuts trying to decide what to do. I can't figure how to fit the barrel...file off the back of the hood or grind away at the rear. I didn't have anyone to ask but a "gunsmith" and he wouldn't tell me. He figured to charge me $300 to do it so I am working towards just being better off remaining stupid and buying a Kimber! :)
I feel your pain...

Hope it goes better from now on. :)
Reminds me of a post on a forum where this guy was pissed off that his semi-drop-in Bar-Sto barrel required fitting that he had to send the pistol in to Bar-Sto for.

He bitched about it every time someone asked about Bar-Sto barrels, and claimed they were crap because they didn't just fit.

The firkin idiot.

At least you understand that you actually need to fit the parts to your other parts.

You'll get it done, and I have to say that you're a braver man than I am. Although you and Xavier make me itch to try out some after market parts...
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