Thursday, November 02, 2006

Range Report 11/02

Made the range today.

Priority #1 was seeing how my .303 reloads in the Enfield. Unfortunately, he didn't bring the reloads.

Priority #2 was to see how the new cheek weld fit on the Old Man's M-14. Unfortunately, he forgot the cheek weld. The M-14 shot well without the weld.

I've been having some problems with ARs lately. I've come to realize that, by owning a Glock, I have systematically under-lubricated every other firearm I own. This is really bad with ARs, I discovered. Anyway, one was merely a lubrication issue, whereas the other is a case of me installing a carbine buffer spring in an A2 stock. It doesn't work to well. Most cartridges make it to the feed ramp, but never see the chamber.

Took the new 1911 out as well. Performed like a nice new factory gun. Tighter than shit, but on the whole seems pretty good. Got about 100 or so rounds through it. Need an intensive pistol day to actually break it in. One jam and one FTF.

All firearms used today (outside of the new Colt) have been sighted so it was just a fuck about kind of day.

We've also been working on an old Combat Elite. We took that out, but it is a much longer story for a later time.

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