Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Next up

Me and a couple of guys have tentative plans to build ARs in the new year. If that doesn't happen I may be building with a retiring Army EOD guy. It sucks when all your guns are owned by Uncle Sam.

In current news, it doesn't seem that the 1911 craze is abating. I ordered a Rock Island frame and slide from Sarco today.

We're gonna build it one piece at a time. I figure this should keep me busy through Christmas. Also, this is a joint effort between me and my Old Man so some pretty interesting arguments should ensue.

I figure the best way to know as much as possible about the platform is to build one from the ground up.

I'll have real photos up once I'm in receipt (7-10 days.)

We're gonna build it one piece at a time.

better listen to a bit of Johnny Cash before you do that....
I'm game, just got my lower. It's a Mega Gator that a buddy had lying around NIB. I love buying guns FTF, no FFL or any other crap like that. Boo-urns!

I'm looking at getting the rest of the stuff in Feb/March-ish. Also, it turns out the Model 1 stuff comes with pre-assembled, guaged and head-spaced uppers. I originally thoguht it was 100% do it yourself. That'll save us the $$ on the extra tools.

Was going to finish the line, but then realized it was going to cost a fuck of a lot more than a dime.


I'm still weighing caliber choices. The EOD guy I mentioned is pretty much bent on a 5.56 NATO etc. etc. etc. I'm still mulling the .308 vs. the 6.8mm. If you have any thoughts, pass them on.

With best regards
Well, I've already got a .300 win mag, I'm not super interested in the 5.56, and I'll be getting an M1A in .308 one of these days. So for a fun handling mid range caliber, I'm gonna go with the 6.8. I'm a rifle noob, so I don't know a heck of a lot more about it than that.

Go with whatever caliber you like, it'll be a fun build. Also, I've got two boxes of 6.8spc lying around for a dumb reason, and I may as well use 'em. That, and I plan to reload the 6.8. I've got everything I need except the dies.
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