Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LH 1911

I was a bit bummed about my inability to adapt to the 1911 just because of my handedness. My father always argues that you either shoot like Uncle Sam wanted you to, or you're a gimp.

Phil over at RNS had a very helpful comment (as if Phil ever makes unhelpful comments.) Money quote:

A 1911 in Condition 1 IS the safest way to carry the pistol and it is also
probably one of the safest pistols on the planet when carried in that way.
Scares the hell out of the locals though. None of the local pansy PDs will let
their officers carry 1911s precisely because it has that mental effect on

For what its worth, I have a tip about mag changes from the son of a
southpaw; my dad was a 'finger across the front of the trigger guard' shooter
and he used the middle finger on his right hand, pushed below the trigger
finger, to hit the release button.

Well the resurgence in popularity of this gun has also given an incentive to certain companies to cater to the southpaws.

I found an ambidextrous magazine release for a 1911 from Cylinder and Slide. Don't bother trying to order one from Midway, as I bought the last two.

We'll see how she works.

Heya Ben, always glad to be helpful.

I had heard of the ambi mag releases, but for obvious reason, I'd never seen or used one so I didn't want to point you in an unknown direction.

The one in the Midway link looks quite interesting. I may have to check one out, when they get more in, of course.
If you're like me, and don't care for cocked-and-locked either, try Cylinder & Slide's SafetyFast Shooting System. It's literally a drop-in conversion, and it does not affect the trigger pull. Works like a champ on my Kimber Classic Stainless.
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