Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Hate Single Action Shooters

Let me qualify a bit before letting loose on these fat, middle-aged pussies. At our club, there are 8 ranges: 1 silhouette, 1 military long range, 1 200 meter range, 3 action pistol ranges, and 2 practice ranges. If you are on one of the action pistol ranges and one of the Village People in chaps wants to use that range, according to the rules, you have to surrender it. Of course, this street doesn't go both ways.

Since our beloved governor, notable Clinton ass-kiss Bill Richardson, took office, he appropriated a lot of money to build a "state-of-the-art" Single Action range, east of town. Take a look.

Everybody from Ruger to Marlin has a booth. Richardson's rationale was that setting this up would import a lot of dumbshit money from California, since those pussies can't shoot out there.

In any case, we had to share a practice range with one of these shitheels last week. There were two target stands on the range and the motherfucker didn't even have the dignity to offer us one, even though his fatass wife wasn't shooting at her targets. This went on for two hours and I found myself thinking. You assholes have your own range where I'd get shot for carrying a 1911. I have to vacate ranges in my club, but you won't reciprocate. On top of all that, this guy's loads were maybe topping 400 fps.

I really do try to be ecumenical about shooting, but these turds piss me off.

With all that recoil, be sure to shoulder it before you fire, champ. Oh, and fuck you.

UPDATE: Phil at RNS has a more reasoned and lengthy dissertation on this matter. The bonus is, he has a picture of a really scary looking "sniper rifle." I'm guessing the "lead" coming out of that gun slightly exceeds 350 fps. I might be wrong. Ask Phil.

That sucks. What kind of effed up range has perverse rules like that? And why would anyone pay dues to be a second class citizens to dudes who like to play dress up?
You're not bitter or anything, are you......:)?

Hey, at least they're shooting something. Any of the citizenry that uses guns is at least a step in the right direction.

They ought to at least be polite about it, though.
I love cowboy guns.

I can't stand cowboy action shooting. It's the guns stoopid, not the dress up. Girly men they are.

I feel for you.
I agree with you guys: Shooting is good and I don't care what kind. I like shooting cowboy guns. One of my favorite revolvers is a single-six Ruger (I guess that sounds like the "some of my best friends are gay" line.)

What I object to is the consistent attitude that these people seem to project, i.e. all of us chumps shooting 1911's are lower animals; that they are practicing a "truer art." In the mean time, they are obnoxious and take a lot of space, so fuck em'.

Best regards to all,

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