Sunday, September 24, 2006

Range Report Part II

This picture has been up for a week with no comment. I posted the picture last Sunday and started to write the post, but then got wrapped up with other shit.

On the day we took out the Enfield, I also tested my new .40 XD. This was one of those "Benny's bummed out, so let's buy a gun" type purchases. This is the first .40 S&W pistol I own. I became curious about this because an EOD guy had been telling me that this is the round they use in the equivalent military Beretta 90-something. Upon testing, it appears to be pretty fucking good.

This was a trial run and gun hasn't loosened up enough to give it an honest evaluation. Price wise (I hit a sale and scored it for $425) it certainly appears to be a good deal. Additionally, I like the trigger a lot better than Glock's.

XD Posted by Picasa

Tupperware lady stopped at your pad ehh...
A buddy of mine bought one for his Dad in 9mm awhile back. He really has grown to love the gun. At the price they ask for them, it's got to be worth it as long as it functions well. This friend of mine scored a 9mm with 3 high caps, a holster, and a mag carrier for a whopping $425.

So I'm curious as to how you end up liking the gun.

I've never been a big fan of the .40, though I've found a couple of guns that really handle the cartridge well. For example, the USP version is very pleasant to shoot. I also have shot a Beretta 96 and a Cougar. Both handled hot rounds pretty well, and were darned accurate. The first Sig I owned was a 229 in .40, and it wasn't bad. The berettas were actually better.

As an aside, the PX4's are getting good reviews, and if they handle like the Cougar does in .40, I'd be willing to plunk down $415 for one of those, which is what they want for them at the local gun shop. Not bad value, if you look at them.

Glock .40's have not treated me well, and I'm a Glock apologist.

So let's hear more about the XD, I've been dying all week to see what else you have to say about the darn thing....:)
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