Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mark of the Beast

As things continue to downwardly spiral, I've become aware that I am acutely aware of all LE officers around me. This has progressed for the last 9 months and has culminated in the knowledge that these people just plain don't like me.

In fact, I think they hate me.

Although there are no grounds, I've been to court twice, spent several thousand dollars on an attorney, and don't really see an end in sight, this shit continues to roll. I appreciate that the police and the District Attorney are key to keeping hardcore criminals off the street. Why shouldn't they be busy with that instead of fucking with me?

I was really hoping all of this was going to be taken care of. I'm sorry that you're still having to deal with it.

We're hoping and praying that it turns out ok. Keep us posted.
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