Monday, September 04, 2006

Concealed-Carry, Finally

Well last week sucked the big one. It was long, involved a lot of bullshit, and I didn't make it to the range. I did purchase a new pistol, that being the first pistol purchase I've made since before Boomershoot 2005. I'll post on that later, as I haven't shot it yet.

Anyway, the weekend hit (the last long one before Thanksgiving, which looks like it's going to be a quail hunt) and I planned on just watching shit, cleaning guns, and maybe even reading. I actually hit the loading bench for the first time since May.

Lo and behold, my mother stopped by Saturday afternoon and provided me with my CHL. Sumbitch finally showed up. Now I've got the government's permission to actually carry a legal firearm that I actually own.

I qualified for semi-auto and revolver and they actually got it right on the license. You'll note that I'm qualified up to a .45 caliber. The geniuses in New Mexico figure that the largest caliber you qualify with, you can carry anything lesser. Thus, if you qualify with a .44 magnum semi-auto/revolover, you can't carry a 1911 in .45. If you think about that long enough, your brains will leak like shit out of your ears.

CHL Posted by Picasa

That's pretty silly. What dumbass state are you in? Here in good old Washington, you just walk in, fill out forms, pay $60, get fingerprinted and then you permit shows up in the mail a month later. And you can carry any pistol you like. Thppt!

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