Saturday, September 09, 2006


For the most part, I have given up on media commentary. There are people like Alphecca and Say Uncle who do a much better job, anyway. I used to try to "fisk" and write with the biting wit necessary to dress down a NY Times column. Alas, I realized I just fell into rage. That is why the blog has been mostly "functional gun" type shit for the last year. In any case, I'm briefly coming out of retirement for Bucky's sake.

Mr. Phillips seems like a genuine psychopath. He's shot 3 troopers and has evaded police for 5 months. Two of the policeman were sniped in their car, outside of his felon girlfriend's house (he did have a kid with the bitch, I believe.) After some blatant theft he's been able to conceal himself from authorities by hiding in wilderness.

So obivously he has shooting and survival skills on top of being batshit crazy. What pissed me off about this story was the picture everyone put out.

Now I've Googled the shit out of this guy and he is a nutjob. There are also a lot of pictures of him. But most media stories run with this picture of him in his Remington hat and accentuate that he owns a lot of guns. They make the leap that, if you own a lot of guns, you are going to kill LE officers.

Doubly, if you see someone in a Remington cap, call the cops because he's about to run amok.

BTW, if you own that many guns, fuck the "suicide by police" thing; just blow your psycho brains out of your head. It saves a lot of people a lot of time and casts a lesser shadow on the rest of us gunowners who aren't out our minds.

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