Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How Did It Handle

I always wanted a .44 auto ever since the Dirty Harry Movie. They were just too damn expensive.

The Deagle exceeded my expectations. If you read anything about them, they are supposed to be really picky about ammo, especially handloads. Mine worked fine right out of the plastic box.

Over all, a very heavy gun, but so is a Ruger Redhawk. After shooting a Deagle a 1911 feels like a toy. Much less recoil than I expected, easy to shoot, and certainly an impressive handgun.

On target without much of a problem. It seemed to go 200 yards easier than a .44 mag Henry, which is saying something.

It did have a problem with an after market mag as opposed to the factory, but I think that can be rectified with a little tinkering.

Breakdown and cleaning is simple, one spring loaded pin and it breaks down into basically 4 pieces and goes together just as easily. Simpler than a 1911, I think.

All we have to do now is save up for the .50 action express barrel, same gun, you just change barrels.

All around, a good score. (wait til you see what we scored today!)


I have fired the DE in .357, .44 mag and .50AE...

I would not waste my time getting the .50AE as it is just brutal to shoot and almost no fun. And the ammo costs approach the price range of Ben's Weatherby...

Plus the tendency to kick the brass strait back into your face makes it all the more special.

Also, could you give Ben a swift kick in the rear in order to get him to ship my brass???
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