Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Girlfriend, Ahkmehd, and my new gloves

First, let me say that I am saddened, sickened, and really fucking pissed off (A.T.C.F.M) that those two servicemen were killed by those rat-bastard motherfuckers. Hopefully, the full wrath of the military will be visited upon those assholes, post-haste.

As to the weird picture below, my brother bought me some shooting gloves for Christmas. They were pistol shooting gloves and are nice for firing some of the Old Man's larger caliber revolvers. However, I found they were inadequate for the AR-15.

Last time out, it was in excess of 97 degrees. The carbine has a metal handguard, due to the Picantinny rails. The thing sat in the sun for 5 minutes without a shot being fired through it. By the time I picked it up it was hotter than shit.

After that, I figured I'd pick up an alternate pair of gloves. Like the big cheese-dick I am, I scored some Blackhawk "Hellstorm" gloves. Needless to say, these needed some considerable break in before they ever make to the range. Over the course of the weekend, I watched a couple of movies, read, and tried scrambling eggs with these fuckers on. None of that turned out well.

One nice feature, is that the trigger finger on both hands are cerrated. They are full gloves, but if you want your trigger finger free, you can cut off that glove along the cerrated grooves and you don't have to worry about cauterizing the seam.

As a result, you end up with a finger sized piece of leather. My girlfriend converted this into a little man named Ahkmehd. Whenever I wake up with shit taped to my head or a frozen pizza burns under someone's watch, Ahkmehd is to blame.

Range trip is Thursday and the whole weekend is CCW class. Reports should follow on both.

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Blackhawk makes cool stuff, all things considered. Ahkmehd makes a fine mascot, I think.

Much like you, one of my gliders gets the blame when weird things start to happen around the house, like the dog walking around wearing a skirt, or the rubber snake shows up in my wife's sock drawer. "Wicket did it."

Good luck on the CCW this weekend.
Does it say something that Ahkmehd is perched on top of a Pepto Bismol bottle?
Pepto-Bismol is the only controlled substance I consider necessary to lead a peaceful, fulfilling life.

He's holding it hostage.
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