Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Late Range Report and Early Observation

A week ago we actually made it out to the range in the morning. Me and the Old Man were shooting with an active EOD guy, so his schedule was a little fucked up (apologies to Carnaby's mom.) We made it out about 10:30 and more than anything I wanted to try the new Turner Saddlery sling out. I hooked it up to a .223 bolt Remington 700 (black with a black bull barrel) and laid down on a black mat in 100 degree weather.

Needless to say I was pretty close to nauseaous about twenty minutes later. I may be a lot of things, but physically fit is not one of them.

I spent about 45 minutes rehydrating meanwhile our guest and the Old Man shot the hell out of shit with .30 carbines, M1A's, and whatnot.

What truly amazed me was the fact that this kid-soldier-whatever could consistenly send a 5.56/.223 800 yards. Given, at those ranges there's not much left of the bullet, from what I can tell. Nonetheless, it was a damned impressive sight to see.

And for all you 5.56 detractors, this kid thinks that round is God's gift.

Next range trip is going to be strictly .45. No 9mm allowed. We've got a couple of fixed sight pistols where the back site needs drifting and will hopefully be addressing that.

In addition, with the CCW qualification coming up, I need to test some factory ammo to make sure it's consistent. We have always fired reloads through 1911s. If during qualification your gun is consistently fucking up (A.T.C.F.M.), you'll get flunked. As such, I want to make sure that my range junk works in the gun. I've tested carry ammo like Speer Gold Dots to make sure it cycled consistenly, but I'm not shooting the expensive shit to hit a target at 3 YARDS.

Jesus, the qualifying makes the paperwork look like some kind of Wall of China. I can hit shit at 3-7 yards but how many documents can I have notarized without going nuts?

Oh yeah. Shooting's the EASY part in getting your license. I'm afraid they're going to start asking for DNA samples with the renewal applications.
I'm jealous. I've never shot an M1A, but I want one real bad. It'll have to wait till I get a real job. If you're ever in Seattle, bring yours. I'll buy lunch :)
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