Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sling Bleg

I'm not sure that any reader can answer this, but I recently purchased a Turner sling. I have received myriad advice on the how to cure and treat it initially. Needless to say, I want a little more advice before I proceed to fuck up a perfectly good piece of leather.

Mine's tan; this one is identical, except black.

saddle soap should be all you need. just plain saddle soap, not mink oil or anything else, just plain saddle soap. open the can and adda few drops of water to surface. take a small towel(i use socks for a dedicated saddlesoap rag, its easier. get the rag wet and pasty with the saddlesoap and then rub it into the leather. when you use a sock you can just grab the strap with the sock and then pull it thru with your other. the saddlesoap being wet helps it get deeper into the leather and the water will evaporate out later( leather stored in the same case as a gun can cause rust when that moisture comes out tho)after you saddlesoap it let it dry for a while(half hour or so, not in sun) saddle soap every 6-12 months should be plenty unless you are particularly hard on your leather( aka the sling lives outside hanging in a tree or is left in the sun all day every day). the only other leather product i support is neatsfoot oil. neatsfoot oil is more for hard used leather like saddles, boots, sporting equipment that gets used hard, ect. neatsfoot oil and then saddlesoap is a great combo. it gets the thinner liquid oil in and then the saddle soap helps keep the oil in.

i found your question here when i was searching for pics of slings, in case your wondering.

-sloguy from calguns-
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