Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Old Man bought a new pistol this week. This one is a weird one, in that it is chambered in .45 Long Colt and also accommadateds a .410 shot shell. The cylinder on this thing is enormously long and only holds five shots.

The Old Man thinks this will be a blue quail killer. I agree, if the the bird flushes whithin 15 yards or so. I don't have much experience with .410 shells, being kind of a 12 gauge simple fucker.

Nonetheless, we are taking it out tomorrow to see what kind of spread the .410 gets at different ranges.

Only question is, .45 LC seems to be available with mostly lead cast bullets. Is there any problem with using a jacketed semi-wadcutter in a configuration like this? We don't like lead.

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The Old Man has a sweet piece there!

.45 LC jacketed semi-wadcutters are just fine in such a configuration.

Michael Bane wrote an interesting article over at Shooting Gallery TV about using a similar setup as anti-carjacking medicine.

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