Thursday, May 04, 2006

Boomershoot AAR

Bombing up to Idaho from New Mexico took about 19 hours; we basically never stopped driving except for gas.

Then there was a day off. We ate breakfast at Krystal's, bought beer at the IGF, and bought an alarm clock at the Radio Shack dealer.

Next day, we were into clinic. One of the military fellows from last year returned (Outside of Econ) and it was a warm greeting. He's had a daughter in the mean time and she looks gorgeous based on the pictures.

All the fundamentals the old man and I have been practicing for the last year paid off. We held with mils, not MOA, and did quite well.

The picture below depicts me spotting for a member of the President's 100. Enjoy the ass. (FYI, I'm the fucker on the left)

Explosive pictures will follow.

Probably the only picture you will ever see of me. Posted by Picasa

But how will we recognize you in the future if you don't tell us which one is you?

I'm the fat guy on the left.
Yeah, I figured that - you kinda look like you write...


cheers, buddy.
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