Friday, April 21, 2006

Range Report / Carry Gun

As we leave for Boomershoot next week, the Old Man and I decided the right way to spend our last range day before hand would be to plink. A very good idea.

We've spent the last six months drilling long range practice no matter what kind of mood we were in. We've got the rifles dialed in and there seemed little point in trying to greatly improve oneself in a single 3-hour session.

As such, we took out a 1911 USGI Springfield, Glock 17, CZ-PO-01, the Thompson, and my Boomer clean-up gun, a Stubby AR with Trijicon reflex sights. Additionally, my brother showed up with his CZ 75-BD, another 1911, and his stubby AR.

High point of the day had to have been when my father was shooting my AR against my brother's. Both were trying to put the same 12 oz. water bottle over the back of the berm at 30 yards or so. Needless to say, they were trying to get off as many rounds as possible, without sacrificing accuracy. Well, it sounded like a shitstorm and several fellows from the next range over came over to make sure we weren't engaged in full on war games.

It's always nice to see the expression on a guy who's only shot revolvers when he sees a 29-year old and a 50-year old trying to get as much lead down range in the shortest period of time. They looked at us like we were wackos.

On a separate note, Xavier asked about carry guns. It doesn't appear that I will have a CCW permit until mid-summer at the earliest. I use a Glock 17 as my truck console pistol and God knows I would never break the law and actually carry it.

In light of the fact that I am a law-abiding citizen, willing to take his castor oil without too much kick, I thought I would post my office gun (one which I shot today): the CZ PO-01.

First off, this pistol is, in my opinion, one of the worst American commercial flops that the gun industry has made in the last 10 years. When I bought it, it was the "next big thing" in "LE and military." I picked one up easily. Finding a left-handed holster for this bitch was a pain (yes I'm handicapped) and, to date, finding magazines is almost an exercise in futility. To be sure, there are a couple of cops carrying this gun in Denmark. Nonetheless, I've always fancied this platform for a compact gun. If I get a junkie hell-bent on getting a piece of me in the office, this should suffice nicely.

About 2 years ago, The Old Man and I had a dispute about whether I could carry on the premises. NM law allows that you can carry on your own property, your vehicle, or private property where you have the owner's consent to do so. Since it is our building, I figured I could pack whatever the fuck I wanted to.

The old man pointed out that if some pussy client comes walking in and I'm standing over the low drawer in a file cabinet with a big black pistol sticking out, it may not exactly encourage business (don't get me started on the NRA.) As a compromise, we finally settled on me keeping a quick access safe next to my desk, with a loaded firearm of my choice. I've always kept the PO-01 there.

Above is the polished, manufacturer picture of the gun. Here's the breakdown, as I happened to shoot today and am somewhat compulsive in cleaning my guns after I shoot. Probably not what Xavier had in mind, but I didn't think a Glock 17 (not that I carry it) would be that interesting.

CZ Posted by Picasa

Very kewl gun! How's she shoot? Or did I miss a previous range report about her?

Methinks you need to dress that baby up with some nice wood grips, like the ones I discussed here:
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