Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boomershoot Anticipation and Angst

As of 4:30 AM of tomorrow, it will be exactly 2 weeks from our departure point to Boomershoot.

The Old Man's boots came in yesterday. He will be breaking them in over the next several weeks.

As far as equipment, we seem to be pretty well set up. I picked up the camp chairs that Kirk bitched about last year. Kirk don't like planting his ass in the dirt (and I don't either.)

Already tested the canopy in the Old Man's driveway. It was a flawless dry run. Looks like it will take us about 10 minutes to put it up and/or take it down, depending on the weather.

We are renting an SUV, as to avoid mileage on my truck and afford enough storage so that we won't be trucking shit between the vehicle and the room every day.

As to disappointments, there are several people that I was hoping would attend but have had to back out.

Kirk, my partner from last year, had the weakest excuse: he couldn't decide between guns and car shit. Guns lost. That's fine and dandy. A man has to realize his limitations and obviously his priorities are a bit fucked up in my opinion.

Next to drop out was DuToit. I can't find the link, but it's typical DuToit: shit still ain't working out and I ain't got no money. Maybe next year, compadre.

Two fellows I got to know last year are now co-bloggers. AnalogKid dropped out with his recent move and various and sundry other shit. David was holding in there for awhile, but alas, the legal profession fucked his shit up. It must suck to practice law. A lot of money, but no time to spend it. I was especially looking forward to seeing the lawyer again, as we didn't BS that much.

For the rest of you, see you there.

Turns out I would not have had enough brass to reload in order to have enough ammo for the event anyway. ;)

Next year is a lock... unless I am dead...

Very envious of you guys. Just got home and the case of Black Hills .308 I ordered for Boomershoot has arrived.

Next year is a lock for me as well.
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