Saturday, April 15, 2006

850 yards

In the runup to Boomershoot, it is especially hard to explain WTF you are doing to other shooters. My dad's wife understands, various and sundry layman understand, but other shooters have no clue as to what you hope to accomplish.

The other week I was telling a gentleman, who has been shooting as long as I've been alive, that a 400 yard zero is not folly. Him, being a hunter, felt that a zero between 100 and 200 would be sufficient for most applications. Once I explained to him that, with a 200 yard zero, an 800 yard target would be outside of your FOV on any sized scope, he recanted a bit.

Experience proved it to be true. We found a piece of steel at 800 meters (you do the math), painted it orange and shot at it. It's a 12" plate, so should be mildly represetative of targets in Idaho.

We proved to ourselved that it would take 3-5 shots to put shit on target, depending on wind.

It's a week and a half before we leave, and I took Friday off of work to load.

Can't wait til' we are out of here and on the way.

You could probably have the target in the FOV at 800 yards if dialed in at 200 if you just dial the magnification down to 3x. You won't be able to see it, but so what? It's still there :P
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