Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Killing Offense

I'm probably going to make a list for this one.

It's a simple question, really: What constitutes the offense where you would not rely on the authorities?

-Rape/killing of your wife/girlfriend?

-Fucking with your kid in any way?

-Untowards aggressive action against your person?

-Targeting your specific property?

At what point do you say "fuck it", and find and kill the motherfucker?

And to some extent why depend on cops. Of all systems of government, theirs seems to be the most out of control. You give a yahoo a badge and a gun and what the fuck do you expect? It ain't Don Knotts, I'll vouch for that.

I've never started a meme, but the subject of this one I've been thinking about for awhile and I'm asking 5 individuals. If they reply, cool. If not, cool. I don't expect it to be passed on.


David at RNS

James at Hell in a Handbasket


Of course, it might take several months, but the opinion of Mr. Huffman has inspired me from the start. I don't know if he thinks I'm a wacko or not at this point, but my respect for his opinion remains.

UPDATE: Uncle and Bullseye have come back.


Let me chew on this one for a day or two. I have to be really drunk or stone sober to come up with a logical reason as to play 'paint by numbers' with someones brains who did me wrong. After all, we are talking first degree premeditated murder and I quote;

"MURDER, FIRST DEGREE - In order for someone to be found guilty of first degree murder the government must prove that the person killed another person; the person killed the other person with malice aforethought; and the killing was premeditated.

To kill with malice aforethought means to kill either deliberately and intentionally or recklessly with extreme disregard for human life.

Premeditation means with planning or deliberation. The amount of time needed for premeditation of a killing depends on the person and the circumstances. It must be long enough, after forming the intent to kill, for the killer to have been fully conscious of the intent and to have considered the killing."
Texas state law is pretty succinct when it comes to the use of deadly force. If you believe that there is an immediate and imminent threat to life, you can use deadly force to protect yourself or another person. Of course, you can only shoot to stop. If they die as a consequence, well...they stopped. Of course, this assumes you're present at the time the incident occurs.

After the fact? Gonna be tough to explain to the grand jury.
Some citizens attempt premeditated murder against Hilter as his goons had started rounding up and killing innocents. Sadly, they didn't succeed.

That is all I have to say.

Thanks for the tag! As an attorney (and thus an officer of the court) I'm a bit limited in what I can say on this sort of topic. I responded as best I can in the below post. Enjoy:


"Please don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
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