Monday, March 13, 2006


I used to be addicted to mid-century combat boots. My first choice was always Jump-boots. Of course, I wouldn't jump off of a doghouse.

I'm not complaining; these boots served me well throughout high school, a little college, and life beyond. I feel adoration for this model boot, but times change.

My last pair were Tanker Boots:

Alas and alack, I decided to go with something more modern. With Boomershoot coming up and the quail hunting performed in the last several months, I decided I needed a post-Vietnam era boot.

These boots came in Friday. I've been trying to break them in and reconcile them with my existing wardrobe. I got tired of uncomfortable boots that really had no advantage over commercial offerings. The Altimas seem to have a very sturdy lower (i.e. sole, leather, etc.), while retaining a light-weight, breathable upper.

I can't make a recommendation yet, except if you need shoes, jump boots will not fail. Other than that, I hope to have the desert boots broken in within a month.

HEH... Found over at alphecca...

"Hmmm... So is Benjamin actually the Imelda Marcos of the blogosphere?"

Now that got a really good laugh for me this morning...

I almost pissed myself when I pulled that up, this morning.

BTW, the brass should be there any day now.
I have the Altimas, very decent boot. I find myself sighing in relief at the end of the day though when I take them off. Better than many, but not as good as some.

I have a pair of cheap Russian "military issue" boots from one of the Russki importers, pretty decent, better than expected for the price.

I need a GOOD pair of boots tho'.

Thus far, the Altimas have been far more comfortable than the Vietnam era stuff I've been wearing. Nonetheless, they are not exactly sneakers.

If you end up tripping over some really comfortable, rugged boots, please let me know.

Thanks for the info and best regards,

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