Sunday, February 05, 2006

No Useful Sporting Purpose

Back on New Year's Eve Eve, I got into a spot of trouble with the LAW. After doing several hours handcuffed in a concrete room, I decided to treat myself. I've owned a stubby AR upper before, but when the Old Man function tested it, one of the staked screws on the carrier busted. I haven't gotten that fixed yet for a variety of reasons (namely, I don't know a gunsmith I'd trust to do the work, and I don't want to spend the money on equipment when I can just buy a new stubby.)

As you can see in the lower picture, stock was a Rock River upper with quad-rails and a detachable carry-handle. The bitch is, in my self-pitying state when I ordered it, I never realized what I would do with it.

Needless to say, once it came in, I started looking at $1,400 ACOG's, Aimpoints, and various and sundry other sight apparatus. I finally settled on the Trijicon Reflex sight with a 6.5 MOA amber dot. I also added the A.R.M.S. throw lever mounts, so that irons could be readily available. I'd been looking at Uncle's conundrum about sights and decided to go with something a little more expensive but not all-out self indulgent. Detailed pic:

What probably put me over the top, financially at least, was the Surefire light I scored. The fucker is nice, in that it has the pressure switch but also seems to act like a normal high-power flashlight. I think you could pop it off and stick it on your belt. The lens on the Trijicon adjusts to artificial light in darkness, and the side-mount doesn't fuck with your grip.

All in all, I spent way too much money on something that has "NO USEFUL SPORTING PURPOSE", all with Boomershoot in less than 90 days. I should have all my focus and resources centered on .30 caliber guns that go really far, not stubby AR's that shoot a pussy .22 round.

My priorities are a little fucked up. Posted by Picasa

Those trijicons are nice. The new dot optic (forgot what it's called) is slick too.

After I got my second Reflex II (one for the Bushie Shorty, one for the RRA 9-mm AR), both with the amber triangle, I discovered they're now making them with amber chevron. ME LIKEY!
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