Friday, February 10, 2006

No Useful Purpose, Whatsoever

Got the new AR upper out to the range on Tuesday. Got about 8 rounds through it before the bolt carrier ceased going all the way forward. When I finally was able to take it down, I found that me and a buddy of mine had fucked up the installation of the A2 buttstock.

We forgot to put the spacer in between the stock and the lower receiver. As a result, we tightened the stock/buffer screw until it was over-torqued and stripped. As a result, the buffer and buffer spring drove the retaining pin all the way forward into the hammer/trigger assembly. Efforts to rectify the situation resulted in everything getting even more stripped and I sheared the take-down pin detent spring.

This added to a developing opinion I've had lately. I love AR's. I think they are an effective rifle and I'm not one to bitch about the 5.56 caliber. However, given that most of my military sources have advised me that a new infantry recruit receives about 4 weeks of firearms training, and, at best, a week of that is range time, the platform would appear to be overly complicated for a recruit. I may be wrong and would welcome contradictions.

Also, sometimes I forget my poor breathren in CA-Lee-Forn-ya, who can't enjoy the pleasure of a good AR-15. I agree with David that if I lived there (which let me emphatically state, I wouldn't), the shifting winds of state government would probably creep me out enough to stay away from the whole mess.

For those living in fascist states, there is another alternative. Gunner has illustrated how to assemble a good tactical rifle without spending too much money or drawing the attention of the authorities.

As to my problems, about 8 months ago I realized that having a second lower receiver would probably be a prudent decision. As such the stubby upper has been switched to the unfucked lower and we'll be taking another crack at it tomorrow.

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