Friday, January 06, 2006

Mr. Completely / Rimfire pistol

I have been remiss in updating my blogroll, as so many people are, but Mr. Completely will definitely be on there when I get my ass in gear.

His post on, what he terms, "race gun .22's" is invaluable; especially for a newbie. I usually recommend some kind of .22 for newbies. Usually this consists of a rifle variant, so they get used to shouldering a weapon. Mr. Completely makes a very good case that if you don't know how to shoot, a match pistol won't do you much good.

I would add to this that a Model 41

will fuck up a good deal more than a Ruger Single-Six. That is simply the nature of the beast.
Semi-autos seem to confound newbies, even if they are convinced they know what they are doing. When you add in the fact that a .22 round is far more damaging than most people give it credit for and that a Model 41 trigger is about a cunt hair of pressure, it freaks you out to see a newbie pointing one at his foot.

Start newbies out on .45s. Then they understand how bad you can fuck up.

That being said, my Model 41 is one of my favorite pistols. I can bang the shit out of a flipper all afternoon with that thing. Additionally, me and the Old Man agree, if you have a shit day shooting, it's nice to break out a rimfire and hit something.

Additionally, the price of a 41 is often exaggerated. We are in the key season where assholes outspend their yearly salaries and have to sell shit to make up for what their wive's spent over Christmas. Perfect time to capitalize on the the misfortune of others.

I picked up my 41 for about $575, with little or no haggling.

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Although my rim fire race gun post was oriented more towards shooters looking towards trying competition, or at least stepping up in their shooting skills, you make a good point about the revolvers.

In my opinion, a really good way to start a new handgun shooter out is with something exactly like you mention, a .22LR revolver, and teach them to shoot it single action. Don't even tell them what double action is at first! Starting them out with something that's fairly powerful will only give them the flinches, and that may take a LOT of work to eliminate!

One thing I didn't mention on the High Standard Supermatic Citation military series is that almost all of them have an adjustable trigger pull set screw on the back of the frame. It pre-loads the sear spring and you can easily adjust it from roughly 2.5 lbs up to about 7 lbs. As a shooter develops his skills, you can back off on the trigger pull.

......Mr. C.
Mr. C,

You are the man.

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