Sunday, January 08, 2006


The scope is a Nikon, much like what the Analog Kid is mounting on his new beauty.

Of course, this is all design and preparation for Boomershoot.

Originally we had decided on Quick-Detach mounts, as the irons are good to about 400 yard, depending on your eyesight. I scored some medium QD mounts and the scope wouldn't clear the rear apperture.

Needless to say, we foraged on and found some see-through mounts. This satisfied the Old Man, in that the irons are intact while being able to do long-distance, and I don't have to fuck with QD sighting issues or demounting and mounting at his whim.

As to the question of the heigth of the scope, I'm not sure that we need an additional cheek-weld or not. I'll figure that out when we shoot it.

This was a weekend project that actually went well, for once.

Holy John Moses Browning!



Now, THAT's .. Um.

Are you going to put jaw *on* the top of the stock? :)

I've got an M1A with a Leopold 30mm Mil-dot - and with the LOWEST leopold QD rings - I still need a 2" pad that I'm trying to figur e out how to make without destroying the stock...

Yeah, I think you'll need something for a cheek weld. :)
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