Monday, January 09, 2006

Hollywood Racialism

Let me be clear from the start: I do not consider myself a film critic. This blog is about guns, mostly, and politics, secondly.

That being said, Hollywood has pissed me off badly. Several weeks ago I watched the movie Crash (the one touted to be an Oscar contender, not Cronenberg's weirdo Crash.)

This movie bases its entire plot that everyone in the entire universe reacts to situations based on race. If you enter a situation, you will react to it based on the ethnicity of people involved. Blacks hate Muslims, Muslims hate Asians, Asians hate Blacks, etc. Needless to say, white people hate everybody and react to alien hoards with fear and loathing.

The Old Man thought this was a decent film. I doth protest. His qualification was that it showed different races hating each other. I think that is counterproductive.

Several weeks ago, Morgan Freeman (who is not one of my favorite actors), summed up racism: Shut the fuck up about it and it won't be a problem. God bless the man.

Movie #2, which motivated this post, was Brothers In Arms. I finished watching this piece of shit and was astonished at what kind of defective mind could come up with this.

First up, blacks did not invent "pimp suits" before 1870, yet every black in the film is wearing one.

Secondly, the film portrays a Hispanic female as a Sheriff. Not possible in the late 19th century.

During the Civil War, there was only one battle fought in New Mexico. It was the Battle of Glorieta. It was a strategic target, not an idealogical one.

For the record, the movie depicts two black brothers, a black card-player, a Hispanic priest, and a half-breed woman (Native American and African American, utilizing the currently popular terms.)

There were no black people in NM. The ones I've met, moved down here during the 90's information/IT glut. They are highly motivated and highly educated. The idea that there was any black presence in this state after the Civil War (or War Between the States) is just ludicrous.

Oh, but you see, they were all the bastard children of black mountain man Jim Beckwourth!

Hollywood's great sin about historical films is that they always forget that the USA of the past is truly a different country in a lot of respects.
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