Monday, January 09, 2006


I stopped reading after I met the man. For a guy who begs as much as he does, he seems to have plenty of money for drinks.

The Old Man has been pissed off longer than I have. As I don't read his blog anymore, he tipped me off to this Mrs. post.

Kim is entitled to his popularity and his groupies. God give me strength, I don't know how many dumbshits I ran into in Idaho, sporting NoR shirts. Well and good and more power to him.

Rivrdog sums up what I am unable to speak.

Our reserve stemmed from this post, which is the normal bleg for money.

God speed on his trip to wherever; I just want nothing to do with it.

Sadly, I think their credibility has taken a real hit over this. Still, I enjoy the rants.

It's extremely rare I post anything anonymously despite more than sufficient adverse experience posting with my real name. However, this is one time I prefer to keep my name under cover. Ben, if you really want to know who I am and want to discuss this at greater length post something here requesting I send you an email and I'll be glad to do so. I do require that you agree to keep identity private.

Kim had the first blog I started reading. It was obvious to me he had some faults, but also that he had some great strengths. After meeting him his faults became even more obvious--to the point I was uncomfortable in his presence. Part of it is a personality conflict but there are other issues as well.

As the "Did Today"/NOV stuff came out I debated with myself--should I just quietly fade away from a train wreck about to happen? One thing I knew I shouldn't do is be too quick to jump on his case. One of the problems the gun rights movement has is that we lack unity. The high end shotgunners would give up the handgunners to the gulags in a second. The hangunners would give up the .50 cal guys. I'm of the opinion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Kim, whatever his faults, is the enemy of my enemy.

I still read his blog and I still think he has valuable contributions to make. I am not that comfortable with him but I'm going to treat him as an ally.



I'd much like to hear your further thoughts on this matter. I consider all email private correspondence. If I have a full release (RNS can't post comments on Blogger and I can't post on Typepad, we post approved emails) I may post emails.

If the presumption is that it is a private conversation, I will consider it such from start to end.

Shoot me a line.



I agree it's sad, but it's entirely understandable about the loss in credibility.

What concerns me more are the people, some very influential (as far as the internet's concerned) who *haven't* acknowledged the massive loss of credibility - and or deny, or argue against those of us dismayed.
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