Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blogroll Additions

Let it be said that all of these additions are long past due. Updating the blogroll is one of those things I think of all the time, but never get my ass in gear to do.

Mr. Completely I've read for about six months. Instead of putting him on my roll, I just hit RNS's link to him. He is knowledgable and versatile. Unlike me, he doesn't seem to tie himself down to one kind of shooting for extended lengths of time.

Countertop I've been reading since I started reading gun blogs (over 2 years ago), nevermind when I started blogging (1 year and some change.) He probably should have been on my original blogroll.

Lastly, is Rivrdog. I hadn't started reading him until several months ago when the Old Man turned me on to him. I've been missing quite a bit.

To be mentioned in the same post with Countertop, Rivrdog, AnalogKid is heady stuff! I'm honored!

Thanks for the blogroll listing.

......Mr. C.
Hey, Thanks!
To be mentioned in the same post as Rivrdog, AnalogKid and Mr C is even headier stuff!!!!
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