Monday, January 30, 2006

Being a Scrub

Check out these posts:

Head on the ARvsAK debate.

Kirk on his trials and tribulations with a single stage press.

SayUncle is looking for a sight for his 9mm AR. I will address this further as I have been fucking with AR's as well.

Shit, I almost forgot the Carnival of Garands over at Publicola. This is one of the things I wholeheartedly agree with; if you buy a battle rifle, your first one should be a Garand (unless you're left-handed.)


Your recommendation, then, for southpaws?
Yes, I'll agree, what battle rifle is best for we sinestral types?

Also, is it really that big of a deal? I've shot an AR from my left shoulder, and no brass hit me.
Individ & David,

Thanks for the comments.

Garands all tend to eject differently. We own a new Sprinfield, chambered in .308, that never fails to clobber the shit out of me. We also own a CMP that was in Greek service, that has never messed with me.

AR's are nice because of the presence of a brass deflector.

An M1A is also a good choice.

I may post on this further, as lefties seem to be over-represented in the gun community.

Benjamin: " lefties seem to be over-represented in the gun community..."

HA! That would turn a few heads if taken out of context!
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