Saturday, December 17, 2005

WTO (God I love it)

I'm a big believer in riots. It gives oppressed people a chance to burn their own shit down and steal from one another. Nothing like transfering wealth from welfare recipient to welfare recipient to fulfill LBJ's dream.

WTO Summits are a special case. There is a certain type of cretin that turns out for these events. Hippies, the black-hooded anarchists, and the "Save Mumia" crowd all coalesce into an organic mind-fuck.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an insurance adjuster. Shit like Katrina not only makes me laugh, it guarantees my employment for the next couple of years.

Now I'm used to the normal sad sack crowd that shows up to throw bricks at these events, but NBC chose the two most moronic assholes they could find to banner their article. I perused a couple of galleries and couldn't come up with a photo that is as good as this one. Sometimes I think the grave shift web-guy at is as sick a fuck as me.

First, we'll analyze the obvious: the guy on the left couldn't even put his goggles on right-side-up. That and the "I'm dying to fuck your dog" look on his face precludes comment.

The guy on the right just looks insane. Maybe his wife left him a month ago and he's been in search of some meaning to his life. Who knows.

And an afterthough: these people are Commies. Shouldn't they be working at a collectivist farm or selling out their relatives?

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Thanks Benjamin, I needed a good laugh.

I hope your job keeps you very busy! LOL thinking about it now.
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