Friday, December 09, 2005

SKS Lethality

I was reviewing what kind of weird Google searches actually pull shit up from this site. I found that "SKS lethality" pulls up, much because of the Chai Vang discussion.

Of course, the hit listed before me was "Iowans for surgically implanting a pussy on everyone in America." I especially like the cute little Aryan girl, juxtaposed next to some kind of magnum revolover. These people are tasteful, if nothing else.

I tend to purchase firearms for narrow purposes, i.e. long range shooting, home defense, hunting, etc.

The SKS always struck me as a good cross-purpose rifle. I've thought about purchasing one on several occasions because you can be browsing a gun shop with dick for cash in your pocket and then happen upon an SKS in good condition for $250 or under.

From what I've heard, the accuracy is noticably improved from an AK or related clones. Full disclosure: I just own a shitload of AR's.

After the Old Man's recent tryout with an AK, I have basically crossed it off the list of rifles I wish to own. What about the SKS?

Don't bother. Like you, I have "several" AR's and one SKS. Non-removable magazine, stripper clips, poor sights, no ability to mount a scope securely, minute-of-barn accuracy, and a trigger pull very similar to pulling a brick through wet cement.

Having said that, it is dead dog reliable. If you want a rifle that you can drop in the mud, run over it with your truck, swish it around in the lake, and then have it go boom...then it's a good choice. Adding a set of Mojo sights will help, but it's still only a 150-200 yard rifle on a good day.

If it's all you can afford I would recommend it. If you own an AR, you've been spoiled and won't like it much.
Being from California, I can only wistfully dream of buying a new AR or AK. (Although there always seem to be lots of ARs at the local range, and some of them look awfully new....)

Anyway, Tag, Benjamin, you're it.
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